Pure progressive, hell yeah!

Pure progressive

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Inkfish October Mix

“I saw old Autumn in the misty morn
Stand shadowless like Silence, listening
To silence, for no lonely bird would sing”

— Thomas Hood

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Brutkho – Change The Past EP

Brutkho - Change The Past

Go back, hold onto that point in time. Gain consciousness, look to your right. Something is missing.

Brutkho – Change The Past EP is now available on Beatport.

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Konektiv vs. Inkfish

Konektiv vs. Inkfish

Build solutions. Be partners. Listen to what you want. Re-invest in your friends. Add functionality when needed. Save words, money and time. Ease the stress. Collaborate. Be two against one. Konektiv (one mix) vs. Inkfish (two mixes).

Remixes of Origins, Involution and Afraid are now available on Beatport.

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Inkfish – Yeah Yeah Unt Yeah

Inkfish - Yeah Yeah Unt Yeah

A slang. A song. An album. A rockband. A hit. Always say yes, or at least yeah. Express affirmatives. Be alternative. Yeah is not classified into any of the eight conventional parts of speech. So say yeah. Unt yeah.

Out today on Beatport.

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How Can I Believe

Inkfish - How Can I Believe

2004, Inkfish, vocals and breaks. 2012, Inkfish, vocals and progressive house. And breaks. Yes, today we are very proud to finally present our 2012 Mix of How Can I Believe!

The 2012 Mix is true to the original, actually with most of the samples used back in 2004 still present, but totally reworked from scratch with a fresh sound and more suited for the dance floor anno 2012. On the flip side we have Slighter’s Non-Believer Remix; an awesome breaks mix from L.A. producer Colin C. Both tracks are also mastered by Colin.

We hope you will enjoy this release, available today on Beatport.

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Ssslllooowwweeerrr, kkkiiittteeennn!

Inkfish - Slower, Kitten!

Decades of research. Conclusions. Faster is slower. No time to do things right in the first place, but endless resources to fix them over and over again. Time is all. Kittens are cute.

Get Slower, Kitten! today on Beatport.

And yes, we know;  the artwork over at Beatport for the release says + Human Devolution. If you aren’t one of the lucky two that managed to snag it before we managed to get it pulled from the release, you will be able to get it later this year on Parquet Recordings instead.

Update: Beatport Double Whammy! Slower, Kitten! is featured on Beatport’s 10 Must Hear Progressive House Tracks this week, together with another Inkfish production; a remix of Slighter – Our Own End

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Double X, tripple Inkfish

Tripple release

Today we have no less than three different Inkfish releases on the menu.

For starters, we have two tasty dub mixes of Double X, dished out on our own label. Then for the main course, we have a re-release of the Inkfish remix of Deconstructed, by Alex & Filip, served hot on the Mirabilis retrospect showcase A Look Back #1. And finally for dessert, ready for the end of the Ibiza season, you will find Forgotten, a sweet deep house piece served ice cold on the Exit Ibiza collection from Baroque Records.

Samples these treats on Beatport:

Inkfish – Double X

Alex & Filip – Deconstructed (Inkfish Remix)

Inkfish – Forgotten

Ps. And don’t forget you can get one of the Double X mixes for free on Soundcloud!

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Disqus comments activated

Just a heads up: As of today, we have activated the comments here on Inkfish.se, and we are using Disqus. So feel free to tell us what’s on your mind.

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Inkfish – Tales Of Urbanization EP

Tales Of Urbanization

Urban drifts. Results of rural migration. Concentration. Areas. Modernize, industrialize & rationalize they say, but only with specific conditions. This is a rapid and historic transformation. And soon this is IKEA. Settle for the patterns. Concepts of control.

Inkfish – Tales Of Urbanization, available today on Beatport.

And don’t miss the free 128 kbps mp3 download on Soundcloud!

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