Inkfish – Boxed In


The Mighty Inkfish drop their latest EP via Baroque next.. 

with a dirty topline bass driving this one along right away, ‘Boxed In’ sets out on its deep tuff techno journey, layers of synths and pads move along to the bass lines. as the track rides the peaks and valley’s.. fluttering tones and stretched tones add depth in the break before it all gets down and dirty again

‘Marvelous’ offers a lighter groovin alternative. with round bouncy rhythm bass, chilled horn lines & a subtle squelchy synth melody, shuffling percussion and sharp rhythms pick up the pace but the heart of this one remains warm & fuzzy.. lovely stuff!

Soon out on Baroque Records, a review of both Boxed In and the B side Marvelous can be found here.

Edit: Available today (2012-08-27) on Beatport.

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