Inkfish on Baroque’s Chilled Structures (updated)

Chilled Structures

First post in ages… Lazy sobs, yes we are.

On July 30th, Baroque Records will be releasing their Chilled Structures, a collection of ambient moods, floaty sound scapes, chilled grooves and laid back beats, featuring artists including Inkfish (yes that’s us!), Aeonism, OMB, Ridgewalkers, SATen, Pedro Aguiar, Jorg Zimmer and more.

This is the music you need for that perfect summer, that we all know is lurking somewhere.

Update 2012-08-02: Life is currently on the Chill Out Top 100 chart on Beatport, climbing from spot 94 to 77 as of today. The Chilled Structures compilation is also making a stand on the genre releases chart, taking a breather on spot 21.

Full track list:

1 – OMB

Connecters (Original Mix)

2 – Jorg Zimmer Submerge (Original Mix)

3 – Robert Munroe
Unusual Flight (Original Mix)

4 – Jay FM
Drifting (Original Mix)

5 – Ridgewalkers
Morning Light (Original Mix)

6 – B.Craack
Song Of The Faun (Original Mix)

7 – Inkfish
Life (Original Mix)

8 – SATen
Flying Of The Soyouz (Original Mix)

9 – Jay Storic
Growing Freely (Original Mix)

10 – Steve Lorenz
Eagle One (Original Mix)

11 – Coalesced Rift (Original Mix)

12 – Capri Delight
Luganos Trip (Original Mix)

13 – Shea Delany & Eric Isenhart
How Lovely feat. Karinna (Original Mix)

14 – Aeonism
Fly Away (Original Mix)

15 – Mr. Y
Hello Men (Original Mix)

16 – Pedro aguiar
Fulp Piction (Original Mix)

17 – Nic Fuller
A Piece Of Time (Original Mix)

18 – Smartrunner
Paradise Coast (Chilled Structures Mix)

19 – Ilya Mosolov
Comet Trail (Original Mix)

20 – Tirrenia Vibe
Dazed Down (Original Mix)

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